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Wedding Cake Trends for 2019!

Wedding Cake Trends for 2019!

Posted by Chocolate Carousel Admin on

Wedding Cake Trends for 2019!

Another new year is here, and all of the changes (besides a new calendar) that that means! INCLUDING new trends for wedding cakes! And while a lot of older trends are still popular (like rustic and naked cakes), some of these ideas really are new! We’ve got a list, via Brides!

Long gone are the days that the ubiquitous all-whitecake reigned supreme; these days, cake designers are having fun reinventing the wheel and incorporating all kinds of new shapes, colors, patterns, and materials that would have never been dreamt of in wedding cake trends past.



Not the cream-cheesy, graham-cracker-crusted yummyness you’re thinking of though… stacked wheels of cheese! With a cracker tray and a little bit of fruit on top, it’s a non-traditional cake that will make an impression!

Doughnut Cake

This isn’t entirely new, but it’s a trend we think will keep growing. It’s budget-friendly, fun for kids, and perfect for a more casual event!

Single Tier Cake

There’s the “stack-em-to-the-sky” mentality with tiered cakes, and then there are those who prefer simplicity! Of course, you can always opt for multiple single-tiered cakes!


Greenery is nothing new on cakes, but we’ve been seeing a ton of ferns being used in place of the typical eucalyptus or other more popular wedding greens.

Think of it as a slightly more dressed up rustic cake!

Edible Flowers

Not flowers made of something edible, but actual edible flowers! Beautiful (and tasty!) options range from violets to nasturtiums and more!

NOT Wedding Cakes

And a new trend we really like (that we can see catching on) is NOT having a wedding cake! Have a different type instead! Pound cake with glaze is a popular option!


Can you think of any non-traditional wedding cakes you’d like to see become popular? (Even if it’s only so you get a slice when you attend as a guest?) Let us know in the comments! Maybe we can start a trend!

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