Cake Trends to Keep Your Eye On

Cake Trends to Keep Your Eye On

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That early-morning chill in the air means that summer is just about over and fall is right around the corner. It has been a busy season at Chocolate Carousel, as we created delicious and beautiful desserts to help you celebrate your weddings, birthdays and so many other special events. We’re honored that you chose us to be part of your milestones!

Over the summer, we noticed some popular cake trends and have compiled our favorites here with examples. Feel free to use them as inspiration for your next cake!

Pets on Wedding Cakes

You can invite your human friends and family to your wedding but what about your furry family? Even if your pets can’t physically attend, many people have taken to adding them to their cakes like this one, done by our cake designer Ami. Whether they’re just peeking out from behind the cake or right up front taking a bite, they add a cuteness factor and ensure that they are part of the big day.

Metallic Accents

Why not bring a little bit of bling to your next cake? Adding some metallic accents brings sophistication, class and fun to the design and takes it to the next level. What is champagne without a little bit of sparkle? This design, executed by Ami, comes to life with these metallic bubbles exploding from the cake.

Whimsical Painted Designs

We have very talented cake decorators here at Chocolate Carousel and when they show off their skills, they create amazing works of art! Expertly painted and decorated by Rachel, this cake is a perfect example of what we are capable of and a popular design for cakes this summer. The combination of detailed brushwork and three-dimensional accents around the outside make for a stunning final product and a dessert that your guests will be talking about for a long time.

Cookie Butter

How a cake looks is important but not as much as how it tastes! One of our hottest flavors recently has been cookie butter and it’s easy to understand why. Using Biscoff-style cookies in the frosting, these cakes have a spice-forward flavor profile – mostly cinnamon – that is inviting and gives off classic fall and winter vibes when coupled with our signature cookie butter filling, created by pastry chef Jen.

Palette Knife Flowers

Flowers on a cake are a staple but this style has been especially popular at the bakery lately. The rustic feel of this design pairs perfectly with nature scenes, like with the bees on the pictured cake decorated by Elizabeth. Every cake is a canvas and these flowers remind us of that every time with how artistic and beautiful they are.

 Vintage Heart Cakes

Trends come and go and come back again and cakes are no different! Vintage heart cakes are back in style and we have been getting so many orders this summer. This is such a versatile style, as you can go classic and refined like this example by Jen and Meg or turn it up to 11 with flashy colors and a fun message. A vintage heart cake is perfect for just about any event so consider one for your next order!

Ganache Drip

How could this list be complete without a little bit of chocolate? Making for a classy and enticing look, the ganache drip is a great choice for the chocolate lover in your life! Pairing it with more goodies, like the pictured cake created by Jen, rounds out the flavor explosion but it can easily stand on its own.


Cake trends are constantly changing and new ideas are always emerging. Follow us on social media to see what we’re working on and what flavors and designs are popular!

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