Frequently Asked Questions

Bakery FAQ’s

Q: Does Chocolate Carousel Deliver?
A: Yes; however, we only offer delivery to businesses and event venues. We do, however, offer a limited menu of our bakery products on UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub, which will deliver to you directly.

Q: Does Chocolate Carousel ship cakes?
A: No, we do not ship cakes. We take pride in knowing our cakes are made fresh and do not contain preservatives therefore they are not suitable for shipping.

Q: Does Chocolate Carousel have cakes available in store?
A: Yes, we have fresh made layer cakes available in the bakery daily. Flavors will vary daily.

Q: Does Chocolate Carousel donate to local schools and charities?
A: Yes! Here at Chocolate Carousel, we love to support our local community. We make donations when possible and attend many charitable events during the year. To request a donation for your organization please contact us by email or visit our retail location. Please bring documentation for your event and our advertising/giving department will consider your request. Please understand that we receive a high volume of requests so we prioritize our customer’s and local organization’s requests.

Q: Is Chocolate Carousel hiring?
A: Yes, Chocolate Carousel is always looking for new talent to expand our team. We believe in offering talented individuals a place to be creative while using their abilities to enhance our team and be part of our Chocolate Carousel family. If interested in exploring a career opportunity at Chocolate Carousel, you should submit a resume by email along with a few images of your work.

Q: Does Chocolate Carousel make Gluten Free and Vegan products?
A: Yes; however, these products are special orders and require at least 1-week advanced notice. Gluten Free and Vegan products may not be available for walk in purchase without an order. *We are not exclusively a gluten free or vegan environment.

Q: Is Chocolate Carousel a nut-free facility?
A: No. We do have nuts in our facility and therefore cannot guarantee nut-free.

Q: Will Chocolate Carousel provide an ingredient list?
A: We do not share our recipes or ingredient lists.

Q: Does Chocolate Carousel sell Ice Cream Cakes?
A: Yes, we do. And our ice cream cakes are freshly made and haven’t been in a freezer for months! Our ice cream cakes are a layer of chocolate and a layer of vanilla ice cream with a fudge and crunch center. Special order flavor requests require one week’s advanced notice.

Q: Can products bought at chocolate carousel be returned?
A: No, the board of health doesn’t allow us to take back any food items.

Cake & Favor Order FAQ’s

Q: How far ahead of time should I place my custom cake order?
A: Chocolate Carousel requires at least one week’s advanced notice for cake orders (excludes tiered cake orders, which require more time and may require a consultation appointment). Cake orders can be placed by phone or in person at the bakery with 50% deposit. You can also use the online order/quote form to secure a quote for a particular cake prior to ordering. We also offer a selection of layer cakes available in store daily.
 *If you need a cake on short notice, we encourage you to check availability, as we are happy to accommodate last minute orders if we have the ability to do so.

 Q: How far ahead of time should I place my favor order? (Includes custom cookies, cake pops, pretzels, oreos, etc.)
A: We require at least 2-3 weeks advanced notice for custom favor orders; however, we encourage customers to order as soon as possible. We also offer a selection of these products daily in the bakery.
*If you need favors on short notice, we encourage you to check availability, as we are happy to accommodate last minute orders if we have the ability to do so.

Q: Can Chocolate Carousel put an image on my cake?
A: Yes, we can put an image on your cake. You can provide an image, or we can use a stock image. Please call the bakery for custom orders.

Q: Can Chocolate Carousel work within my budget?
A: Yes, our goal is to always do our best to work within your budget while making your vision come to life. When customers send us an image to quote we price the item based on the picture we receive however we are able to offer changes to the original idea to help create a final product that works within a customer’s budget

Q: Do I have to come into the bakery to place my order?
A: No, you may place an order over the phone or in person. We welcome customers to come into the bakery to place their orders.

Q: Who sets up my cupcake or donut wall at my venue?
A: We offer a setup service for cupcake displays and donut walls at your venue for a $75 fee. You must book this service in advance if you want Chocolate Carousel to set up the display. Otherwise, you should arrange for the staff at your venue to the set up at the site.

Q: Can Chocolate Carousel put candy or other food items I provide on my cake?
A: No, the board of health does not allow CC to use outside food items in our products. However, you have the option to add edible items to your cake purchased through the bakery. 

Q: How do I go about ordering the anniversary top tier from my wedding cake?
A: Please call the bakery at least one week in advance to place your anniversary cake order. At the time of ordering, you are required to give payment. As stated in the wedding cake contract, we do not accept pre-payment for your anniversary cake at the time your wedding cake order was originally placed. Payment should be made at the time the anniversary cake is ordered a year later.

Event FAQ’s

Q: Is there an age requirement for Chocolate Carousel’s classes?
A: Yes, we require all participants in our public classes to be ages 12 and up. This excludes private events (age restrictions vary) and Kid’s Workshops.

Q: How do I attend a class?
A: You can reserve your spot at our next class by booking and paying directly on our website.

Q: Do you host private events?
A: Yes, you can book private classes and events at Chocolate Carousel. We require a 10-person minimum (14 person maximum) for private events (age restrictions vary). While we do not host children’s birthday parties, class style events for birthdays and other celebrations can be arranged if the minimum age and headcount are met. Please inquire about private event options using our “Host an Event” form on our website and our event coordinators will get back to you with more information.

Q: Do you host virtual classes/zoom team building events?
A: Yes! We require a 12-person minimum for our private virtual events (50 person maximum). Please inquire about private event options using our “Host an Event” form on our website and our event coordinators will get back to you with more information.

Q: Are your events BYOB?
A: Yes, you are welcome to bring beer or wine to any of our events.

Cake Tasting Consultation FAQ’s

Q: I am getting married and interested in a Chocolate Carousel wedding cake. What is the first step?
A: We ask that you contact the bakery at least 6-8 months prior to your wedding to make your appointment. Fill out the “Tiered Cake Consultation” request form on our website. Our design team will be in touch with you to schedule your design appointment (available for scheduling Tuesday through Saturday from 9-3) and will provide you with more information regarding the wedding cake ordering process. The design appointment will be scheduled about 8 weeks prior to your wedding day; however, we typically have about a 12 week wait for appointments so please plan accordingly.

Q: I want to know more about the design consultation!
A: The design appointments are done virtually and can be done either by Zoom or over the phone. The design appointment is your opportunity to speak with your cake designer to determine how your cake will look.

Q: How do I decide which flavors I want?
A: We offer a customized take-home taster box (included with the venue packages or offered privately for $25) The tasting is ordered after the design consultation is scheduled. In lieu of the taster box, we are also offering an in-person tasting for an additional charge, which can be purchased through our website and MUST be scheduled with the bakery. If you choose to upgrade to an in-person tasting, please be aware that your design consultation will still be virtual and in-person tasting times are available Tuesday through Friday between 10 AM and 3 PM.