Ready To Order Your Taster Kit

Please Remember

1. You must schedule your design appointment BEFORE you can order a tasting kit.
2. Our Cakes, Fillings and Frostings will come separately packaged so you can mix and match to find your favorites.
3. Allow at least 2 weeks advanced notice.
4. Include your Requested Pick Up Date when you order.
5.  It’s a TASTER, not a TESTER, you will not receive a grade so relax and have fun!
6. There are “no” calories counted on tasting day!

Wedding Cake Flavor List

Cake Taster Request Form


Tasters will be set up with cake, filling, and icing individually packaged so you can mix and match and find your favorite combinations.
We think that's the fun part of the tasting process!

We are working hard to accommodate all requests. Please select a Friday or Saturday pick-up date, allowing 2-3 weeks advance notice for taster pickup.

Remember, you do not need to taste before your design appointment.