In today’s world, we sometimes feel like we’re failing (or just slacking) if we don’t accomplish everything. Social media doesn’t help, when our peers rub their own successes in our face with every scroll. Most of us may pin that recipe on Pinterest, only to feel inferior when our friends or relatives post the finished items on Facebook or Instagram. (You know the ones we’re talking about.)

And of course, around the holidays, many people feel even more pressured to bake and bake well. Norman Rockwell visions of mom with the mixing bowl while the kids lick the spoon and visions of lovely baked goods adorning the holiday table give us expectations that can be rough to live up to.

So stop beating yourself up.

The holidays are over, and most of your loved ones claim they’re trying to lose weight from all those festive feasts anyway. This is the perfect time to rethink baking. We’re inclined to agree with the Seattle Times.

The author recently read Mark Bittman’s “How to Bake Everything”, and wisely recognized that… well… maybe most people really don’t need to know how to bake everything!

Baking is a real skill, and a science, and arguably an art. Professional bakers can bake everything, and then I can eat it. And it will be far, far better than my best effort.

Now, we’re not knocking anyone’s efforts at baking. But we’re right here, and this is what we do. We’re willing to bet you’re better at your job than we would be if we tried. Practice really does help make perfect!

And if you’re not the best baker, but you’d like to indulge your inner Betty Crocker? Maybe give the kids or grandkids a sweet treat once in awhile? You don’t have to be a baker. Leave it to the real Betty, and check out her recipes for no bake cookies!

These no-fuss, crowd-pleasing cookie recipes don’t even require an oven; how simple is that?

Easy, delicious, very nearly idiot proof…  And professional baker approved.