We’d love to claim we own a zillion baking pans because we’re a bakery… but that would only be half the truth. It seems that every baker has an inner hoarder who *needs* every single baking dish they see.

Here’s a little test. Do you ever have to quickly close the door of your baking cabinet to keep the avalanche of pans at bay, listening to things settle inside and hoping beyond hope that nothing hits the floor the next time you open the door?

We know. We do, too.

But we have a list from Washington Post via The Journal Gazette of the five (only five!) pans you really do need!

Pie Plate

You can buy cute ceramic ones, but I prefer good ol’ Pyrex – it’s cheap, bakes evenly and lets you see exactly what color your pie is.

Square Cake Pan

…look for metal pans with right-angled corners (rounded make it harder to remove food from the pan, especially if you don’t line it).

Baking Dish

The most common size is 9 by 13 inches. You can choose from glass, metal or even ceramic, and what you choose really depends on what you think you’ll be making most.

Round Cake Pan

If you think you’ll ever be making a layer cake, consider buying at least two in one size.

Loaf Pan

The standard sizes are 9 by 5 inches or the slightly smaller 81/2 by 41/2 inches, and they’re pretty much interchangeable as long as you tweak the cook time if you’re swapping one in for the other.

It’s not a bad list.

But… our inner hoarder insists we need muffin tins. And at least two baking sheets. A Bundt pan. And, you know, most of those items on the list come in multiple sizes… we’re probably going to need a variety…


So. Go ahead and trim your list down to those five essentials. And then rent us your extra cabinet space for all our baking pans!