To a certain extent, wedding cake trends are predictable.

For starters, the most traditional white tiered cakes never go out of style. And while other trends change year by year, you can anticipate them by watching wedding dress trends. Weddings tend to hold a theme and , consciously or not, many brides’ dresses are reflected in their choice of cake.

But there are also, every year, cakes trends that are trendy because… well… just because they’re trending. Today, via ColinCowieWeddings, we bring you trends predicted to be big in 2017! (All photos ours!)


It just doesn’t get any cooler than a colorful (and edible) mineral rock formation to split your cake.

We agree! They’re fun and delicious, and beautiful to look at!



Can a cake get any more cute and feminine?

Well, it could… We offer cakes with even more ruffles than that!

Your dress is glam, your heels are sparkly, and your reception rivals the Met Gala… so your cake should be nothing less than shimmery sweet heaven!

Bling is a thing. No matter how many sparkles you plan for your wedding, we can find room for a few more!


No need to be bashful.

That’s right. The popularity of the naked cake is staying strong! By switching out fruit for greenery, flowers, or whatever else you can think of, you have all the decorating flexibility of a traditional iced cake.


Shiny metallic additions make for the most glitzy and luxe-looking cake. If you’re planning on gold or silver making an appearance in your color scheme, we highly suggest a touch of metal in your cake!

We agree. Whether an entire tier or just as accent, metallics can really make your cake memorable.

Small Cake, Big Cake Topper

We wouldn’t have called this a cake trend necessarily… but we do this, too!

You’ll have to decide on your wedding cake style for yourself. Traditional, thematic, or trendy. But whatever you choose, we got you! Call for a custom cake consultation and tasting with a professional cake designer!