Summer is wedding season, and that means wedding cake season. And just like everything else, wedding cakes fashion goes through trends and fads.

One recent trend is non-traditional cakes. In fact, they’re so non-traditional, they’re not even made of cake! Elite Daily has a collection of some of the quirkiest we’ve seen. The list includes a giant pile of waffles and fruit, arranged donuts, and one that cuts right to the chase… tiers of booze!

But before you resort to a cake molded from crispy rice for your big day, consider that traditional doesn’t have to mean boring. Here are ten trends for summer wedding cakes, via Huffington Post.

Textured Cakes


Textures – appliques, ruffles, etc. – made a big showing in bridal fashion for 2016, and look beautiful on a wedding cake as well.

Cultural Cakes

More couples are finding ways to express their culture in their wedding cake, through traditions or symbolism.


Rococo (Baroque) Cakes

Rich and opulent, with lavish embellishments, yet another hit from the bridal catwalk that works wonderfully on the cake, too.


Colorful Cakes

Wedding cakes aren’t all white-on-white anymore. (Although that’s still a striking option!) Color is finding its way to something beyond the bridesmaids dresses.


Rustic Cakes

Naked and nearly-naked cakes are still popular, and the mixed berries make a sweet summery treat for your guests.


Tall Cakes

Towering tiers are all about visual impact, and can create a dramatic impression.



Black Cakes

All over, or as part of a stunning monochrome design, black is eternally stylish everywhere else. Why not wedding cakes?


Lace Cakes

This isn’t a new trend, it’s an enduring one. Lace wedding dresses and cakes have always been popular, and it’s not expected to change.



Painted Cakes

From designs to flowers to eye-catching solids, painted cakes are gaining popularity.


Sleek, Streamlined Cakes

Now, this is one where we break with the article. You see, it says:

A city wedding is the preference of many couples, as it can mean stunning architecture, iconic landmarks, picturesque parks and mesmerising cityscapes. A stylish and sophisticated cake that showcases the chosen city is a winner.

But this is New Jersey. Our best feature isn’t the skyline or a city park. You know what it is! And so, we respectfully submit our idea of how to showcase your chosen spot…




To view all of our traditional but trendy wedding cakes, click here. And if you have your heart set on completely traditional, white-on-white glamour, you’ll still find something you like!


Oh… and for those of you who still want to buck tradition entirely, who just want something different


We got you.