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Baking Tips from the Stars!

We’ve told you before, baking is science! Or, as Insider puts it: Baking is not easy. When it comes to making the perfect, cake, scone, or cupcake, measurements matter and you cannot rely on your taste palate as you do with cooking. They’ve got a roundup of advice from some celebrity chefs. Some of these …

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Is There a Wrong Way To Eat Cake?

There is no wrong way or right way to eat cake, right? We mean, if you manage to get the cake from the plate to your stomach, it’s pretty much mission accomplished. Right? There can’t be a wrong way to do something so right… right?? Not according to the internet. In a debate that brings …

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Frost Like A Boss!

Have your attempts to frost a cake left you feeling… crumby? With some tips from the experts, it’s easy to do a nearly professional job right in your own kitchen! And we’ve got some advice from Fox News Food & Drink! Start smart by giving yourself a level surface to work with. Use your longest …

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Decorating Tips for Your Best Cookies Yet!

The most important thing about any cookie is the taste. But c’mon! Who doesn’t prefer a pretty cookie? We’ve got some tips, via Fox 19 (with pictures from Pinterest), to help you create cookies like the professionals! Let’s Roll Believe it or not, how you roll out your cookies makes a big difference in the …

Holiday Hints & Hacks!

‘Tis the season… for baking! And while that’s an everyday thing for us, we realize that the holidays is the only time some folks get around to baking. So we’ve gathered some hints and hacks that might help you through your projects with your sanity intact! (Thanks to Pinterest and Lifehacker for the great visuals!) …

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