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Bake a Better Batch of Cookies!

It’s that time of year again… the days when everyone and their grandmother (literally!) are preheating the oven and busting out the recipe boxes! COOKIE SEASON IS UPON US! And whether it’s your first year or your fiftieth, we’ve got tips – via the Washington Post – to help you bake a better batch! Mixing …

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What Even IS Red Velvet Cake?

Everyone’s tried it, and everyone loves it – or hates it. There doesn’t seem to be much in between. But what even is Red Velvet cake? And why is this technicolor torte a thing in the first place? The combination of vivid red and pristine white icing is certainly striking inside a bakery case, but …

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Baking Tips from the Stars!

We’ve told you before, baking is science! Or, as Insider puts it: Baking is not easy. When it comes to making the perfect, cake, scone, or cupcake, measurements matter and you cannot rely on your taste palate as you do with cooking. They’ve got a roundup of advice from some celebrity chefs. Some of these …

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Do Baking Ingredients Expire?

There’s not much mystery over whether the milk has gone bad, you just smell it to check. But you can’t exactly sniff test dry goods like sugar or baking soda. So… do baking ingredients expire? Not exactly. The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service alongside the Food Marketing Institute and Cornell University maintains an online …

More Baking Mistakes You Don’t Have To Make!

Everyone who bakes makes mistakes. We’re human, it’s part of the job description. And in the kitchen, even professionals aren’t immune to the occasional lapse. But many of the mistakes we make while baking are easily avoidable, if we know what they are. Here’s a list from Insider of common goofs to be aware of …

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Bake a Better Brownie!

We know, we know… Brownies are pretty awesome. Gooey, fudgy, rich, and awesome. To be honest, it’s hard to make a good brownie better, because they’re so close to perfect to begin with! But let’s just say, for argument’s sake, that you wanted to serve brownies topped with a little something extra, or make a …

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Decorating Tips for Your Best Cookies Yet!

The most important thing about any cookie is the taste. But c’mon! Who doesn’t prefer a pretty cookie? We’ve got some tips, via Fox 19 (with pictures from Pinterest), to help you create cookies like the professionals! Let’s Roll Believe it or not, how you roll out your cookies makes a big difference in the …

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