Everyone loves cookies! And while this is an undeniable fact (don’t bother to argue the opposite, we won’t listen), there is one particular type of cookie that seems to be almost universally despised…

The oatmeal raisin cookie.

You know what we’re talking about. What other innocent baked good is the subject of scorn and memes? None. And it’s wholly undeserved! Some thoughts, via Mashable:

People are entitled to their bad food opinions, but most of the wrath directed at oatmeal raisin is unwarranted. The hostility towards the oatmeal raisin largely has to do with its reputation as a healthy cookie. While that argument is grounded in history, it no longer applies to the cookie’s modern iteration, which is gross.

We agree.

Raisins were originally added to oatmeal cookies in the Middle Ages to add flavor and sweetness, and they served that purpose heroically. It’s only in more modern times that we’ve come to look down our noses at this concoction.

I empathize with many in the anti-oatmeal raisin community. Far too many of us were traumatized as children when we were told raisins were a “fun snack.” They’re not, and no responsible adult should have shared that propaganda.

We think the problem is actually simpler than that.

Raisin cookies look like chocolate chip cookies. Now, if you’re expecting a raisin, you’re going to be happy biting into a raisin. But if you are anticipating melt-in-your-mouth chocolatey goodness and instead get a mouthful of raisin… well, you’re gonna be rightfully disappointed. Even if you love raisins!

Maybe we just need better labeling.

If we haven’t convinced you to give oatmeal raisin another try, maybe we can at least offer a way to use them for your own amusement.

So wrong. We might try it anyway. IF we can keep from eating all the oatmeal raisin cookies ourselves!