We see a lot of things on the internet that we just don’t understand.

Now, that’s not always a bad thing. We don’t understand exactly how an internal combustion engine works. But we don’t need to and we don’t really care. We just get in the car, turn the key, and drive to where we want to be. Works like a charm (most of the time).

Today we came across something we don’t fully understand. But hey, we’re firm believers in learning some new things, and rolling with others even if we don’t get it. So let’s talk about adult smash cakes.

Yup. You read that right. Adult smash cakes. Like for babies… only without babies. The Washington Post has the full scoop, including plenty of sticky pictures.

Professionally photographed cake smashes started out as a kid thing, and now have expanded to include the young at heart. They’re exactly what they sound like: Take a birthday cake, smash it into your hands and face, and record the blessed event for social media posterity. Keep the Wet Wipes handy.

According to the article, while smash cakes turn up in photoshoots for every adult age group, but it’s the biggest hit with millennials who are turning 30.

And don’t go thinking it’s just a picture of some (usually) woman with crumbs on her chin. Oh, no! There’s a whole pretty princess theme to it!


After all, if you are a grown adult who is planning to celebrate your birthday by buying a beautiful cake, arranging it in a decorative tableau, and smashing it into your own face by the fistful as a photographer snaps away, you had better be wearing a tutu, right? A tiara doesn’t hurt, either.

Like we said, we don’t understand. But we can see the fun in it. (And we can also imagine people using this portrait as their social media profile photo!)

So if you’d like to celebrate (or protest) your upcoming birthday with a smash cake of your very own, we can help! (As a bakery, we don’t carry tiaras or tutus, though. You’re on your own for accessories.)

Check out our sculpted cakes and specialty cakes! We have plenty of designs that will appeal to the kid in you… or we’ll happily help you create something all your own!  Give us a call, and our decorating specialists will make your BIG 30 (or whichever birthday) as messy and marvelous as you could wish for!