Wedding cakes range from simple to sophisticated… from easy to intricate… from down-to-earth to over-the-top.

Today’s newlyweds have a growing appetite for dramatic, unusual creations made with anything from macarons to chocolate sprinkles, all crafted for breathtaking effect.

Now we bring you some truly amazing cakes, via Daily Mail and Brides, and they are indeed breathtaking!

And not to brag, but should you decide you want one, we can make all of these!

The Rotating, Flying Cake


This cake not only rotates, but the top tier literally hovers!

“Guests can watch the cake floating, turning and hovering, and then you just lift the top tier up, cut into the cake and eat it.”

The baker won’t say how it levitates… but we don’t blame her! Real magicians never reveal their secrets!

Your Venue In A Cake


An incredible way to highlight your venue!

“From one side, it looks traditional with its lace and scrolls, but spin it around when you’re about to cut it and you reveal something else – your venue”

Sounds like a great idea… unless you get married at a drive-thru chapel in Vegas!

The Flamingo Love Cake


They may as well have called it “death by chocolate with a pink bird”!

“It is a rich, velvet chocolate cake layered with chocolate truffle, enrobed in Belgian coating and decorated entirely with handmade chocolate sculptures.”

With a pink bird.

Oh, What A Night Trashed Trifle Cake


Looks like the morning after, all right…

“Brilliantly bonkers additions like a yes-you-can-eat-it sugar-coated ashtray filled with cigarette biscuits and ash made from coconuts will make guests gasp.”

Interesting. We don’t know about appetizing, but it’s interesting!

The Sweetie Shop


A wedding cake that makes you feel like a kid again!

“This five-tiered creation brings back memories of old fashioned sweet shops with decoration that includes lollipops, macarons, meringue kisses, dribbled chocolate and buckets of hundreds and thousands.”

We got a toothache just looking at it.

Eat Your Greens


From one extreme to the other! Here we have the veggie cake!

“And the green theme continues inside with 16kg of vegetables baked into the cake, which includes layers of sweet potato, coconut and lime, chocolate beetroot, and Mexican chocolate and avocado.”

This may be the healthiest cake we’ve ever heard of!

The Unicorn Carousel


80kg of rainbow sponge… because what else would you find when you slice open a unicorn besides rainbows?

The Over The Rainbow Cake


Not a cake, but 600 meringues with flavors like gin and tonic. The end pieces are sponge cake, which can be removed after photos so that guests can self-serve.

The Wedding Bouquet


And finally, the most intricate – if impractical – cake… the Wedding Bouquet cake!

“The pedestal vase with cherubs around the base is actually made from almond-infused sponge with clementine syrup, layered with luscious orange curd and buttercream.

The decorative peonies, dahlias, poppies and cosmos are a sugary labour of love that look like blooms from a Dutch still life.”

The £750 art piece serves ten guests. Ten. Maybe you could use it as a topper for your real cake…

An over the top cake is certainly eye-catching… unless it puts you over the budget, too. So sit down and put some real thought into how much you want to invest in a piece of artwork that’s just going to get digested.