As if you didn’t already have too many decisions to make, when you’re planning a wedding you have to choose a cake.

And it’s not like any other cake you’ve ever purchased or baked. It’s your wedding cake. Now, some people might roll their eyes and wonder what could be stressful about buying a cake… but we understand. And we’re here to help, with our team of formally trained cake designers, decades of combined experience… and some tips from The Knot.

Offset Plum and White with Piped Lace

First, do it last

Make the cake your last set of decisions. Really, it needs to go with everything – your dress, your color scheme, your venue, your flowers and the rest of your menu. Bring color samples, photos, notes on your theme or design, anything to help your bakers design a cake that’s compatible and complementary.

Find your frosting

The debate has long raged between buttercream and fondant. Buttercream is rich and creamy sweet, while fondant offers a smooth, satiny finish that lends itself to many different decorating options. Or maybe your frosting is no frosting. “Naked” cakes are trendy and delicious, and can be stunning in their simplicity.


Pay attention to details

The details of your cake will affect the price. Fancy fillings and complicated flavors cost more than simple options, and add-ons add to the cost. Sugar flowers, fondant, marzipan, and molded chocolates are worth the price for the final impression, just be aware of cost as you’re making choices so you keep to your budget.


Taste Test

Your cake needs to do more than just sit there and look good… it needs to taste good! So sample the cakes you’re considering. Take your soon-to-be spouse or a friend along, so you’re getting another perspective.

Show it off

Your cake will be displayed visibly to your guests and wedding party long before it’s cut, so give it the spotlight it deserves! (Although not literally. Frosting melts.) Choose a table shape that compliments your cake’s shape, and dress it up to match your colors and motif!


For more tips, check out the rest of the article. And for help from our experienced baking team, give us a shout!