Everyone who bakes makes mistakes. We’re human, it’s part of the job description. And in the kitchen, even professionals aren’t immune to the occasional lapse.

But many of the mistakes we make while baking are easily avoidable, if we know what they are. Here’s a list from Insider of common goofs to be aware of so you can avoid them!

Follow Your Recipe

Don’t be tempted to experiment with a new recipe. Get a sense of all your ingredients and steps before you start.

It’s always a good idea to read a recipe all the way through before you make it for the first time. That way, you know exactly what you’ll be doing — and more importantly, when.

Once you’ve gone through the process you can start thinking about how to put your own spin on it.

Cool The Pan

If you’re making more than one sheet of cookies, either use multiple pans or allow the one you are using to cool thoroughly between batches.

Since cookie dough typically contains heat-sensitive ingredients such as fat and eggs, putting cold cookie dough on a hot baking sheet will immediately make most cookies spread far more than you intended.

Thin, hard, oversized cookies is what you’ll get with hot pans.

Temperature Matters

We’ve talked about ingredient temperatures (especially with things like butter), and what an impact they can have on baking results. Here’s one you may not have considered – warm eggs.

They found that if your cake recipe requires you to whip any part of the eggs as part of the cake leavening process, that’s when egg temperature matters most. Cold eggs simply don’t whip up as nicely, and you end up with a dense cake.

Now, if you aren’t whipping the eggs for lift, the temperature doesn’t seem as important.


Can you think of any simple or common baking mistakes that are easy to avoid? Drop us a comment and share!