When we say “fall”, what do you think about? Sure there’s football and hoodies, hot chocolate and bonfires. But for most of us, the first image that comes to mind when we hear “fall” is color!

And it turns out, autumn-hued wedding cakes are trending. Via bestofnj:

While the idea of falling leaves and darker colors may not sound like the kind of thing you typically see on a cake, creating a fall wedding cake can be both seasonal and stylish.

We agree! There are a lot of ways to make your wedding cake a beautiful reflection of the season.

Fallen leaves

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What speaks of autumn more than the crackle of fallen leaves underfoot? And the same changing colors that decorate the landscape will make your cake unusual and interesting!

Late season flowers

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A harvest-time cake doesn’t mean you can’t have flowers… but leave the daisies for the spring. Late season flowers like sunflowers or mums are perfect this time of year! And if you must have roses, choose autumn tones.

Try new textures


Birch bark cakes are growing in popularity, and are perfect for a rustic wedding. And they go great with a theme that embraces this season!

Beyond bridal…

While we’re on the topic, we’d like to point out that a little fall flair can go beyond bridal… into ALL baked goodies!

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That’s right! We also offer cupcakes and regular cakes in lovely fall shades and styles! Oh… and these.

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See? We were already all kinds of trendy, and didn’t even realize! Chocolate cornucopia… just think about that.

We’re happy to see fall finding its way into baking trends. We love fall! Like we mentioned, there’s football and hoodies, hot chocolate and bonfires… and all the beautiful baked goodies you could want! In fact, there was only one thing in the article about fall cakes we disagree with.

Tiny pumpkins and acorns are a tasteful, seasonal touch — that don’t go into cutesy, or over-the-top, territory.

Yeah, sorry. We fully embrace cutesy and over-the-top!! Can you blame us?