Everyone loves cookies! Well-baked, fresh baked, no-bakes… and, if we’re going to be completely honest, UNbaked!

Now as professional bakers, of course we pride ourselves on our well-baked, fresh baked cookies! (And we’re still suckers for a good batch of no-bakes.) But who doesn’t remember baking with mom or grandma and snitching bites of UNbaked cookie dough from the mixing bowl?

Back then, we either didn’t worry or didn’t care about the raw eggs. Nowadays, however, the fun police (also known as the FDA and the CDC) warn against not just the possibility of contracting salmonella from the eggs, but possible e. coli infection from the flour! (It’s a wonder any of us born before 1980 survived. Seriously.)

Epicurious (via HuffPo) to the rescue! Contributor Katherine Sacks did the heavy lifting for us and came up with a recipe for safe and edible cookie dough!

With a little trial and error — and lots and lots of dough — I figured it out. The final product is a super-fun, nostalgic treat that’s perfect for making with kids.

Start With the Flour!

Traditionally, flour is the last thing to go into cookie dough besides the flavorful goodies (chips, candy, peanut butter, what have you). But for safe-to-eat raw dough, you need to begin with the only step that involves cooking…

To be safe — and make the cookie dough even more delicious — toast the flour in a 350°F oven for 10 minutes.

Back to Basics!

Next comes the familiar part! Cream the sugars, add the vanilla, et cetera,  just like regular old biohazard cookie dough.

Time for Texture!

Sacks writes that the problem with most edible dough is the texture. The lack of egg changes the feel of the dough, and is what caused her to run through numerous test batches in the search for perfection. It turns out the secret is the warm, toasted flour.

Adding the toasted flour into the mixer while it’s still warm gently heats the butter and sugar, creating a soft, creamy blend that has that perfect cookie dough texture.

Finally… Flavor!

You’ll need to cool the dough, so chill it for ten minutes before adding any mix-ins. After that… go wild.

For traditional cookie dough, add chocolate chips. Or crumble up sandwich cookies for a cookies and cream spin. Mix in toasted oats, cinnamon, walnuts, and raisins for an oatmeal-raisin version.

Find recipes for all of these and more at Epicurious!

And now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to whip up a batch of our favorite cookie dough and relive one of the happiest parts of childhood!