Did you know that cookies can change the world?!?

OK… maybe not the whole world. But they may exert some small influence over America.



It’s time for the traditional (well, since 1992 anyway) Presidential Cookie Poll, formerly known as the First Lady Cookie Bake-off. This particular bake-off is like any other you’ve joined or watched on television, with one really big exception.

It’s an uncanny predictor of who will win the election.

Other than that one time Cindy McCain walked away with the popular vote, it’s been totally accurate. (And you can kind of see why she won. Oatmeal butterscotch done skillfully are some gooood cookies!)

Yesterday, Family Circle posted this year’s recipes to their Facebook page and have asked folks to bake, taste, and vote.

And please, let us just say here… The only election we’re talking about here is the cookies. We’re not making a political statement or endorsing a side. We’re bakers, and we’re just cheesed about cookies!


The 2016 contenders are a sour cream star cookie, and an oatmeal raisin. We think they both sound tasty. We’ll probably try both, just because we like to try cookies.

Past recipes include gingersnaps, shortbread cookies, cowboy cookies and pecan roll. You can see a complete list of past entries here, and many of the recipes here.

Of course, if you want to just buy some beautiful and delicious cookies (as opposed to test-baking over a dozen recipes), you might want to cast your own vote for some lovely Lace Cookies.

lace cookies

Or how about some Black Forest Cookies?



Y’know, the more we think about it, the more we’re going to have to give some real thought to whether we want to run for office ourselves.

Really, if great cookies can predict your electoral success, we figure we could get elected to Grand High PooBahs Over the Universe with cookies like these. And don’t even get us started on the muffin cup cookies! (Just try one. You’ll thank us.)

So let us know if you try those recipes – leave a comment to tell us what you think!

And let us leave you with one final thought…