When we say “chocolate chip cookie” what do you think of? We’re guessing it’s the same thing everybody else thinks of… the traditional NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® chocolate chip cookie! (We must have eaten thousands of these when we were little!)

But did you know, rather than the genius brainstorm of someone’s grandma, these chocolate wonders were actually a mistake?!?

According to Delish, it all started back in 1938. Ruth Wakefield was baking her famous butter drop dough cookies, and decided to make a chocolate batch. So she broke up some Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate, which came in a bar back in the day, and mixed them right into her dough.

She may or may not have been disappointed with the result. But generations of cookie lovers have celebrated her accidental creation! She named her cookies after the Toll House Inn she owned with her husband, and when the recipe was published in a local newspaper the legend was born.


In 1939, the company made Ruth’s cookie recipe easier to recreate by scoring their chocolate bars into little pieces especially for baking. These eventually evolved to become the teardrop-shaped morsels we find on shelves today, and her classic recipe is always printed on the back of the package.

Since then, they’ve added multiple flavors including different chocolates, butterscotch, and (gasp!) pumpkin spice! Bakers have also added their own innovations over the years, from cookie bars and cookie pies to chocolate chip cookie crusted cheesecake.

Really… chocolate chip cookies will never go out of style. They’ll just come in new styles!

For example, have you ever tried a muffin cup chocolate chip cookie? It’s exactly what it sounds like, and you’re going to love it! (We make oatmeal and other kinds, too, but we’re talking about chocolate chips here!)

So we’d like to say “thank you, ma’am!” to Ruth Wakefield. Her invention might not have worked out the way she planned, but it worked out to be a whole lot of awesome for millions of chocolate chip cookie lovers! Without her, our own muffin cup chocolate chip cookies wouldn’t even be a thing!

PS: We make pretty awesome chocolate chip cookies 😉