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Wedding Cake Trends for 2017!

To a certain extent, wedding cake trends are predictable. For starters, the most traditional white tiered cakes never go out of style. And while other trends change year by year, you can anticipate them by watching wedding dress trends. Weddings tend to hold a theme and , consciously or not, many brides’ dresses are reflected …

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Fall Flair!

When we say “fall”, what do you think about? Sure there’s football and hoodies, hot chocolate and bonfires. But for most of us, the first image that comes to mind when we hear “fall” is color! And it turns out, autumn-hued wedding cakes are trending. Via bestofnj: While the idea of falling leaves and darker …

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Wedding Cake Whoopsie!

Your wedding cake… The towering, sugary crown on your big day. The most delicious memory you’ll ever share. The thing brides agonize over the most — right behind their actual dress. What would you do if, after choosing the perfect cake for your perfect day, tragedy struck? That’s exactly what happened to newlyweds Dina and …

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Can Your Cake Outlast Your Marriage?

That may sound like a terrible question… or like we’re making a joke about how short your marriage will be. We’re not. We’re talking about Ann and Ken Fredericks, a Florida couple who’ve been nibbling away at their wedding cake every anniversary FOR 61 YEARS!! Now, before we get into the story – and before …

Over the Top Wedding Cakes!

Wedding cakes range from simple to sophisticated… from easy to intricate… from down-to-earth to over-the-top. Today’s newlyweds have a growing appetite for dramatic, unusual creations made with anything from macarons to chocolate sprinkles, all crafted for breathtaking effect. Now we bring you some truly amazing cakes, via Daily Mail and Brides, and they are indeed …

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Ten Trends for Summer Wedding Cakes!

  Summer is wedding season, and that means wedding cake season. And just like everything else, wedding cakes fashion goes through trends and fads. One recent trend is non-traditional cakes. In fact, they’re so non-traditional, they’re not even made of cake! Elite Daily has a collection of some of the quirkiest we’ve seen. The list …

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Anniversary Cake Fit for a Queen!

Would you pay over $1,000 dollars for a wedding cake? How about a few tiny crumbs from a wedding cake… and one that you can’t even eat?! Well, that happened. An auction buyer across the pond recently purchased crumbs from Queen Victoria’s wedding cake for 760 pounds! (That’s roughly $1,098, American.) The cake, which is …

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Now I Have To Choose A Cake?!

As if you didn’t already have too many decisions to make, when you’re planning a wedding you have to choose a cake. And it’s not like any other cake you’ve ever purchased or baked. It’s your wedding cake. Now, some people might roll their eyes and wonder what could be stressful about buying a cake… …

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New and Improved Wedding Cakes!

When you think of wedding cake, you think of an expression of your love and individuality. For some brides, the cake is a more important and expensive component of their big day than the dress! And you may think that, traditionally, wedding cakes were designed to be exactly that – edible glamour to impress the …

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