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Wedding Cake Design Ideas and Tips

We are reposting this amazing blog post from the Atlantis Ballroom in its entirety below. All of the cakes you see were made by us! Thank you AB!! You can view the original post here. *** If you’ve ever been to a wedding reception in New Jersey, then you know that outside of the bride …

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Oh, How the (Tollhouse) Cookie Crumbles…

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS A LIE!!! Forgive us. That probably seems dramatic. But it’s how we feel after learning that… gasp!… the original, traditional, loved-by-generations Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie is a FRAUD!!! We shared with you the heartwarming story of Ruth Wakefield, and how she attempted to make a chocolate version of her famous butter …

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Blog Coming Soon!!

Stay Tuned!!

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