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Spread the Love with Valentine’s Treats!

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and sweets for your sweetie are a tradition that goes waaaayyyy back!! According to Smithsonian magazine, Valentine’s Day and romantic love were first connected by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1382. Unfortunately for Chaucer, and whoever his lady at the time may have been, sugar was still prohibitively expensive, and considered a …

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Wedding Cake Trends for 2017!

To a certain extent, wedding cake trends are predictable. For starters, the most traditional white tiered cakes never go out of style. And while other trends change year by year, you can anticipate them by watching wedding dress trends. Weddings tend to hold a theme and , consciously or not, many brides’ dresses are reflected …

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You Don’t Have to Bake Like a Pro

In today’s world, we sometimes feel like we’re failing (or just slacking) if we don’t accomplish everything. Social media doesn’t help, when our peers rub their own successes in our face with every scroll. Most of us may pin that recipe on Pinterest, only to feel inferior when our friends or relatives post the finished …

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Baking Makes You Happy!

Well… duh!! We bakers, professionals and amateurs alike, already knew that baking makes you feel good. It’s one of the original warm-fuzzy feelings! Finally, science is catching on. A new study, published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, found that people who engage in creative activities are happier. From Smithsonian: The researchers followed 658 people for …

Better Baking Basics

We recently shared some Holiday Hints & Hacks, little tips and tricks to get you through your holiday baking with your sanity intact. Now we’ve compiled some better baking basics to help you fine tune! (Thanks to Wyoming News and Burlington Free Press!) Butter Basics “Softened butter” in a recipe means just that… softened. Ideally, …

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Holiday Hints & Hacks!

‘Tis the season… for baking! And while that’s an everyday thing for us, we realize that the holidays is the only time some folks get around to baking. So we’ve gathered some hints and hacks that might help you through your projects with your sanity intact! (Thanks to Pinterest and Lifehacker for the great visuals!) …

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The Pies Have It!

When it comes to fall desserts, the pie certainly takes center stage. Whether it be apple, cherry, pecan, or pumpkin, fall is definitely pie season. Pies come in many varieties, shapes and sizes. They can have one crust or two, be topped with crumb or lattice dough, and filled with a variety of different fillings. …

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The Science of Baking

  Bet you never thought of your baker as a scientist… But really, that’s exactly what we are. Cooking and baking, while related, are two completely different things. When you’re cooking, you can wing it quite a bit. A dab of this, a pinch of that… add a little something new to modify the flavor, …

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