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New Orleans King Cake… The Sweetest Part of Mardi Gras!

It may still be cold and gloomy in Jersey, but in N’Awlins it’s already spring and Mardi Gras is right around the corner! We can’t match their weather, but we can indulge in one of the most delicious traditional treats of the season… King Cake! For the unfamiliar, New Orleans King Cake is the ultimate …

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A Powder Keg in the Baking Battles!

Nowadays, if you hear the words “battle” or “war” in connection with baking, it’s probably a cooking contest reality television show. But Jezebel reports on a new book, Baking Powder Wars: The Cutthroat Food Fight that Revolutionized Cooking by Linda Civitello, explaining the cooking war you’ve never heard of! See, at one point your choice …

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