That may sound like a terrible question… or like we’re making a joke about how short your marriage will be. We’re not. We’re talking about Ann and Ken Fredericks, a Florida couple who’ve been nibbling away at their wedding cake every anniversary FOR 61 YEARS!!


Now, before we get into the story – and before you tell us cake can’t last that long – allow us to point out that the world’s oldest Twinkie™ is 37 years old, and still looks as edible as it ever did.


We’ve also told you about Queen Victoria’s wedding cake, which had been carefully stored and was sold at auction this year. (A package of crumbs went for 760 pounds! About $1,098, American.)

Granted, it didn’t look as tasty as the Twinkie™ does, but it is a bite of history.


And now we see this lovely couple who have not only lovingly preserved their wedding cake, they’re still nibbling for luck and love six decades later! This year marked their 61st anniversary!

“We’re beginning to think we may outlive the tradition… I’m 82 and my husband is 86 and this year was our 61st wedding anniversary. The cake is only like 3 inches by 4 inches, what we have left of it. So we both enjoyed a very small piece.”


Part of the Fredericks’ secret is the type of cake they served at their wedding. It’s a dark fruit cake, made by Ana’s grandmother. Dark fruit cake (like in the recipe here) contains brandy, which helps to keep the cake fresh and moist for a very long time.


And each year, they Fredericks pour a little brandy over the piece they mean to share, to moisten it a little more!

“It tastes fine. It’s never been in the refrigerator or the freezer. I keep it wrapped in saran wrap. When we started the tradition it used to be wax paper because that’s all we had back then.”

And despite all our advice to you about how to store your top tier for future anniversaries, they just keep their little plastic-wrapped treasure in a coffee can on top of the fridge!

We’re really happy for them that it’s worked so well for so long! And as for the future…?


“I’m torn between eating and having it over with or making it last. And then we said, ‘You know, it would be fun if we outlive it.’ That would be a goal for us.”

We think that’s a beautiful goal!! And we wish them much luck in finishing their cake… together!!