Jen Cardella started as an intern at Chocolate Carousel in 2009. She graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2010 with an associates degree in Baking and Pastry. She was honored to receive the Baker of the Year award at her graduation. Shortly after graduating she joined the team at Chocolate Carousel.


She loves putting her own twist on recipes, making them her own. Over the years she worked hard to grow within the company to her current role as lead Pastry Chef and Kitchen Supervisor.


Equal to her love of baking, Jen enjoys decorating and is an accomplished wedding cake designer. Having started her career at a young age, Jen is looking forward to a bright future as a pastry chef.



Nicole and raised in Central NJ, Nicole Iuzzolino’s interest in the culinary field started back when she was in middle school when she discovered the Food Network. She was inspired to take a cake decorating course in high school and quickly realized her passion for pastry.


Nicole graduated from Johnson & Wales, Providence, RI campus in 2008 completing the Baking and Pastry Arts Program with an Associate in Science. Upon graduation, she was offered a cake decorator position at a bakery in her hometown. Nicole is thrilled to be part of the design team at Chocolate Carousel and her organizational skills quickly earned her a place as Kitchen Supervisor.


She has had the opportunity to expand the scope of her work, use her creativity in decorating a variety of cakes, and to work with brides to help them create their dream wedding cakes.



Liz Norton is a life-long resident of New Jersey. She graduated from Connecticut Culinary Institute in 2007 with an associate’s degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. Liz began her love of baking at a young age when she spent time in the warmth of the kitchen with her mother and grandmother.


After graduation Liz worked for several years as Owner’s Assistant and Head Cake Decorator at Pink Cake Box in Denville, NJ, which was featured on Food Network’s Outrageous Wedding Cakes.


Liz joined the staff of Chocolate Carousel in 2014 as Executive Assistant to Owner, Lisa Porada and Custom Cake Designer. Liz is excited to be a part of Chocolate Carousel’s team and looks forward to the creative opportunities ahead.


Lauren a very early age, Lauren White discovered her love and talent for baking, and the kitchen quickly became a place of comfort. As the middle child between her two sisters, Lauren’s baking quickly became one of her many endearing qualities to her family, who have always been her most eager tastetesters.

When it was time for her to pursue college and start a career path, she had no hesitation in chasing her dream of turning her baking hobby into a rewarding career she would love. Laurent studied Baking and Pastry at Johnson & Wales University and received her degree in 2015.

Upon graduation Lauren joined the team at Chocolate Carousel as a cake decorator and chocolatier. Lauren pursued her dream and couldn’t be happier having the opportunity to use her talents and creativity everyday.


Becca Emanueli, a born and bred Jersey girl, wasn’t always on the path to pastry. She had an interest in baking from a young age due to her mother’s love of it, but she explored other interests before eventually returning to the field.

It wasn’t until she was a junior at Rowan University that she decided to take a cake decorating class at a local store. She immediately fell in love with decorating, and following graduation applied to Johnson and Wales University. Becca was accepted into the highly coveted four-year Baking and Pastry program, which she graduated from with a Bachelor of Science degree in Baking and Pastry Arts in 2015.

After working at Chocolate Carousel as an intern, Becca officially joined the Chocolate Carousel team. Becca is part of the baking team as well as a cake decorator with an expertise in fondant work and sculpting.