When it’s time to plan your wedding, it’s difficult to say which decision is more agonizing, choosing your cake or choosing your dress. The whole experience would be less stressful if you could just choose one or the other…

And maybe you can.

British designer Emma Jayne recently saw her stunning creation go viral, and it could set a new trend! Brides reports “the cake, which was designed to look like designer Mak Tumang‘s ‘Angela’ gown, was displayed this week in London at Cake International, a sugarcraft, decorating, and baking show.”

Here’s the original dress, courtesy of @maktumang via Instagram.

Breathtaking, isn’t it?

PopSugar writes that “Using skills only a true professional could master, Emma created an intricately designed cake that looks so real you won’t be sure about whether you want to eat it or wear it.”

We’re inclined to agree. Here’s the cake from Emma Jayne’s own Instagram account, @emmajaynecakedesign.

Some of us didn’t have an actual wedding gown with so many intricate details! Tumang even went to see for himself!

“Huge THANK YOU to Mak Tumang for coming to see his dress made from sugar at Cake International ❤️ It was such an honour to meet you.”

Jayne’s cake was displayed at Cake International as part of its “Wedding Gowns Through the Ages” exhibit. Cake International’s Facebook page aired a Facebook Live showing the rest of the exhibit, and you can see several other impressive wedding cakes—many of which are also designed to look like couture wedding wear.

We admit it. We’re impressed!

But we do see where, for more down-to-earth folks it could be a bit… well… much.

Still, if you love the idea but aren’t sold on the ease of making only one choice (and voila! cake and dress done!), you could always make your cake a tribute to your dress.

Choose an element about the gown that you love, and have your baker work it into the cake theme. Maybe the lace of your veil, or an applique that translates well! You’re still limiting your hard decisions, and you don’t have to worry about being upstaged by your own cake!