We recently shared with you some specific examples of baking fails that are NOT your fault.

Failures in the kitchen do not mean that you suck at baking!


Now, via Bon Appetit, we’ve got a second list… this time it’s baking fails that ARE your fault. Probably.

If you’ve got great pans, a fancy oven, and fresh chemical leaveners and your cake is still burnt, well, then you’re probably looking at a case of user error. Which is OK! There are a lot of parts of any given baking recipe that seem like they wouldn’t make a difference, but are actually totally crucial. This is why you should be looking for baking classes near me to improve the skills you don’t already have!

Measuring Matters

As in, which type of matter.

Always use liquid measuring cups to measure liquid and dry measuring cups to measure dry.

For the most accurate measurements, skip the cups altogether and weigh your ingredients. This is especially important with dry ingredients, which can accidentally become packed while measuring.

Stay Centered

As in yoga – and in life – you want to be sure you’re perfectly centered while baking. Center of the center rack, to be specific.

If you have to bake on two racks at once—two baking sheets of cookies, for instance—make sure to rotate the pans halfway through. But in order to get the most even baking possible, you need to swap the top and bottom sheets and rotate each pan 180° as well.

For best results, though, follow this next tip.

One Thing At A Time

We’ve all done the oven-juggling game. Sometimes it seems like a great way to save time! But you’ll get the best results, especially if you’re already struggling, by baking one thing at a time.

Having more than one thing in there affects bake time and temperature, plus it adds moisture to the environment and blocks heat flow, so things just don’t turn out as reliably as they would on their own.


So, now even if some of your baking fails ARE your fault, you know how to fix them! And if you can think of any tips to share, drop them in the comments!